Timberland Motel  - Country Inn Hospitality

Sunday Brunch
10:00 - 2:00

$12.99  Regular        $11.99 Senior          $9.99 Children

Salad Bar
 Caesar salad, spinach salad,  Broccoli salad,
Pasta salad, Coleslaw, Greek salad,
Fruit salad, cottage cheese

Soup Kettle
French Onion
Timberland Chowder
Fresh rolls and butter

Country Kitchen
Eggs Benedict
Scrambled eggs
Corned Beef Hash
Eggs to order
Design your own omelet bar with plenty of veggie and cheese options 
 Baked Ham, breakfast sausages, bacon 
 Home fries Waffle Bar with fresh fruit, maple syrup and cream
Homemade white, whole wheat and multigrain toast and bagels with real butter, cream cheese, jams and marmalade
Chilled juices
Tea,  Coffee  or Hot Chocolate

Call to Reserve your table

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