Timberland Motel  - Country Inn Hospitality

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The Weekend Buffet
Every Saturday & Sunday 4:00 - 7:00

Salad Bar

Soup Kettle
 Timberland Chowder & Soup of the Day 
 Fresh rolls and butter
The Carvery
Carved Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding, mushroom au jus, 
 Baked Ham with pineapple sauce, mustard pickles, horseradish
Sweet & sour chicken, egg rolls, plum sauce, Beef Broccoli, 
Moo Goo Guy Pan, Chicken Chow Mein, Cantonese Pork, 
 Pork fried rice, honey garlic chicken wings, 
dry garlic Coca Cola Ribs
Timberland’s Finest
Wing Night wings and drummies, Timberland's deep fried haddock, homemade tartar sauce, fries, Savory dressing, potatoes, gravy
Dessert & Beverage Bar
   Tea or Coffee & Cold COKE products
$21.00  Regular $18.99 Senior  $9.99 Children
Salad Bar $10.99 
  Soup & Salad Bar $14.99
Soup & Salad & Dessert and Beverage $17.99    

Call ahead to reserve your table

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